2013 Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis

Restyled Toyota strives at all times to meet up to its owner, which some find fault. However, time has passed by unaccountable car, a Corolla is one of the top rated sedan. Facelift model occurs in the middle of the career of a car and depending on the success and acceptance of buyers, designers, more or less change the look of the car. This does not mean that the factory was introduced the number of changes, however, are not just visible to us who are not fans of a specific model. We do not doubt that there are clubs that fans without a break can lead any changes to it, to the last screw. The market is formed so that, even now in the midst of the global crisis, those who buy a limo, they want all the possible benefits of such a car. And that meant that the Toyota Corolla has a push forward, towards the premium segment. And not only that.

2013 Toyota Avensis side view

Avensis is a car that has been largely subordinated to European customers. To achieve this, the greater part of the concept and design has been made in Toyota’s European center. There have been through extensive market research identified the parameters that characterize a vehicle that impresses customers of our continent, from design, to equipment, to used materials in the cabin. When you open the door, he finds a combination of leather and Alcantara, which until now has been reserved for the most prestigious sedan versions. And, when you sit in seats that are Alcantara in the center, and at the end (where it is needed robustness) skin thanks designers in selecting materials.

 2013 Toyota Avensis Rear-View

The vast majority of customers, whether they are companies that buy fleet vehicle managers, be they family, one expects adjustedness limousines, classic and “warm home”, not a light show and a show worthy of the amusement park where we seek to attract not only manufacturers in penetration, but also some “classics” that have strayed a little in recent years. How Toyota dedicated European market is the fact that the Corolla assembled in a factory in England, where they have introduced strict quality control at all points of production, so that no detail can not pass without a detailed inspection. All passengers have enough room to sit comfortably in their seats, and the driver’s seat is adjustable in all directions with mechanical controls.

 2012 Toyota Avensis interior

Steering wheel and gear shift knob are leather, there is also a trip computer, Electrically adjustable door mirrors, electric front and rear drivers window with automation, hands-free central locking, tinted glass, alloy wheels, cruise control, bi-xenon headlights and rain sensor . It’s a different situation in the fast and long corners. Thanks to the long wheelbase and large rut, Toyota is very neutral and is able to overcome the unexpected curves at high speeds with full provisions for correcting driving errors. Besides sensors, driver somewhat parking assist and camera. We say somewhat, because, unlike some Toyota and the Korean model, we have drawn on the display graphics benchmark that shows where the edge body, but they are only glimpses.

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