2014 Toyota Hilux

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When you look at how the outside looks mighty Hilux with all chrome, side sills, and other applications, and then open the door and see the spacious interior with leather seats, you can easily expect to drive comfortably in a limousine. Construction of the entire car (what a powerful hidden beneath the exterior appearance and interior luxury) suspension system and the transfer of power, weight distribution … indicate that the Hilux will draw bigger smile when you drive it off the asphalt than on it.


The front wheels absorb bumps quite gratifying that our paths abound, but the last part does not forgive imperfection on the road. Because of the hard-set, a dedicated rear suspension systems and a light weight rear passengers will hop in the back seat as ping pong balls on a tennis table.


Once exit from the parking lot, it’s not difficult to drive a Toyota Hilux. When you turn into the narrow streets must enter a little wider arc to avoid the rear wheels hit the curb. Due to the massive power mild screech of tires on the drive wheels is a regular occurrence at these turns on hills.


Hilux is still dedicated to overcoming extreme desire of your driver and if I do see it as an issue of Executive ideal vehicle for an investor and his associates had to take the latest changes to plans contractors that somewhere high in the mountains true winter resort.

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